GPT-4 unleashed

Last week, the tech Twitterati were giddy with excitement as OpenAI unleashed GPT-4, the newest iteration of its language model that gifted us with the likes of ChatGPT and DALL-E, the text-to-image whiz.

But alas, the frenzy surrounding generative AI is also spawning a wave of generic “AI startups” that seem to be lost in finding a genuine problem to tackle. And let’s face it, that’s not exactly a recipe for success.

Industry veterans are now fretting that the VCs’ indiscriminate cash injections into this latest obsession could lead to a “bloodbath” of epic proportions. Will the AI startup scene be able to rise to the challenge and prove the haters wrong with enough real problems solved?

Interesting topic! I think at the end of the day you cannot have innovation without disruption. (How can you properly define each concept might be a bit trickier!) Everyone is hyped about AI and the possibilities; which well seems a bit reminiscent of the dot com bubble at this stage. However, as painful as some events were back then, I think it is fair to say that no one can deny that some giants came out of there (being Google one of them!).

I think AI is definitely disruptive, and many would want to jump on this. Not everyone will succeed, but the ones that do might actually change the world (hopefully for the better) and how we interact with it.

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I’m quite optimistic on this space, it has the potential to add real value to end-users through optimisation and efficiency. There are already real world applications that are proven to provide benefits beyond what a human could achieve. In addition, the applications are widespread from finance, to pharma to engineering etc. Chat GPT is really a catalyst that has shone a spotlight in this sector, but in my view it’s not the star of the show.

Undoubtedly there will be plenty of failures in this space and many will lose money so not time for a scattergun approach.

Great points and very interesting takes @enrique.marcilio & @Daniel

It has certainly taken the technology and venture capital industries by storm.

Something which was a bit scary was that just a few days ago chatGPT users reported seeing other peoples chat histories… OpenAI has yet to release a statement as to what caused the incident, but people on Twitter were not having it.

Security risks like these certainly pose yet another dimension to investors looking to get in on the space.

But none of us can deny its potential with programs like Stable Diffusion and Google’s Bard have capturing widespread attention. Social media feeds are filled with AI-generated portraits and screenshots from interactions with OpenAI’s ChatGPT bot!

I didn’t know about that issue. These breaches may have been caused by the AI going rogue rather than a coding bug in the security infrastructure… just a thought :slight_smile: