Nature-based Carbon Offsets

The preservation of our natural ecosystems are critical to the health and functions of the natural world, and further, a significant proportion of gross domestic product (GDP) is attributed to this - the World Economic Forum cites half of global GDP, or $44tn, relies on nature.

Most importantly, companies should focus on quantifying and reducing the impact of their own operations in order to reduce harmful activities on the environment.

However, entirely reducing all emissions is very difficult in the short-term, therefore carbon offsets are a good way to compensate for any residual emissions that can not be avoided.

Purchasing carbon credits generated from nature-based solutions is an effective way to not only offset remaining emissions, but to also make a positive contribution to our natural world.

Carbon credits arising from nature-based projects have significantly positive implications on local biodiversity and the surrounding communities.

For example, restoring peatlands, reforestation projects and changing agricultural practices provide benefits to the wildlife and the environment in which they live, along with the people that work and reside in these areas.

Biodiversity loss is occurring at a rapid scale across the globe, where an estimated $700bn is required annually to combat the degradation, according to GOV.UK. It is becoming increasingly important for investors to allocate financial resources to nature.

The pathway for investors to help bridge this biodiversity gap is available via high quality voluntary carbon offsets into nature based solutions, allowing the removal of carbon related risk from their supply chains or balance sheets, and ultimately benefiting our natural world.

Well said! I think it’s becoming clearer that we all need to take more action, but we also need governments to set tougher targets if we are to have some hope of meeting our climate objectives. The good news is Stratiphy investors can play their part. We are including a leading range of sustainability data in the product to help align your investments with your values.