Own a slice of Stratiphy

Stratiphy wouldn’t be where it is without each and every loyal shareholder.

Helping people to invest successfully has been a huge part of our mission since we started the business, so it only feels right that we give you the opportunity to own a part of Stratiphy too.

You can invest in the future of Stratiphy now :point_down:https://www.crowdcube.com/companies/stratiphy/pitches/lean9l


We have reached 80% of our funding target!

The enthusiasm from our community has been amazing and shows the appetite for a more personalised approach to investing.

We will put the funds raised towards launching a version of our app this summer offering various subscription tiers. It will include new strategies, new controls, and more features. Importantly, the funds will also support our journey towards offering trading functionality.

Our mission is to help everyone make better informed investments based on a personal strategy. We believe that control, transparency and effective risk management can improve the investing journey for everyone - help us bring this vision to a wide audience.

We have a limit on this raise, so don’t miss out and own a slice of Stratiphy.


I would like to invest on crowdcube but would like to use your app first to see how it differs from other available investment apps, do you have a promo code available?

Also have you set a side funds of your own to see how your apps guidance has performed? It seems to me that if your ai investment advise works then you would have made profit on your own investments negating the need for us to invest.

I dont mean to be challenging you, rather interested in finding out if you have tested your product and believe in it with your own capital.

Look forward to the promo code.

Kind regards,


Hi Ron,

Thanks for your interest in Stratiphy!

We currently have a time-limited offer giving free access to Stratiphy’s features during our crowdfunding campaign, so don’t miss out and create your own strategy while it is available. We also have investor rewards which you can see on our Crowdcube pitch page for anyone that becomes a shareholder, including preferential access rates.

To answer the rest of your question, we are constantly monitoring how our strategies are performing. We have established a process to monitor various KPIs related to this very actively, and have a roadmap to improve our strategies over time.

Stratiphy’s business model is not to advise but rather to provide every investor with a specialised & professional toolkit. We will generate signals that match the input criteria you specify. Those signals are underpinned by established investing principles embedded in our technology which have been developed by a team who is experienced in both using and creating these types of strategies before.

As a company applying for authorisation from the FCA it is important to maintain independence and ensure there are no conflicts of interest arising from our activities. We therefore currently do not invest our own funds.